Forms / Taolu - Rules

Time: Minimum 4 minutes - maximum 5 minutes

          (Exception: WuBuQuan and Weapons with maximum 5 minutes)


Clothes: ONLY traditional chinese uniforms allowed

Shoes: Indoor shoes only


Competition area: 4 x 8 meters


Judges can award upto 40 points for the complete presentation. Four parts each covering one to ten points:


Legwork / Stances / Transitions:

                  -Secure, exact stances

                  -smooth transitions


Expression / Eyes / Breath:

                   -Look and expression

                  -Sensible breathing

                  -Flow of Qi during techniques


Precision of technique / weapon:

                  -Exact execution of techniques

                  -Harmony of upper body and legs

                  -Change between Yin and Yang

                  -Interaction of body and weapon


Level of difficulty of techniques:

                   -Complexity of form and techniques



To include the experience level of the contestant the judges add fixed points according to the particular class:


upto 2 years experience              100

2- 5 years experience                  200

upto 15 years experience            300

more than 15 years experience   400

Rules Taolu
Short Overview - maximum 5 minutes performance time
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