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   Wu Wei Cup International

     1st and 2nd September 2018

Competition in Taolu (hand and weapon forms)

and Tui Shou (Push Hands)


Place:  Christianeum, Otto-Ernst-Str. 34, 22605 Hamburg - Germany



Saturday, 1st September 2018 - Taolu

Sunday, 2nd September 2018 - Tuishou


Entrance fee: EUR 40.- 1st Start from 2nd onwards EUR 20,-  (max 4 per day)

youth (upto 17 years) EUR 35,- 1st Start, 2nd onwards EUR 15,-


Rules in English are available at the bottom of this page and can be downloaded.

Link to rules in Taolu (please click here) or in Tui Shou (Click here)


Free entrance for visitors


Registration deadline 15.08.2018 

Registration after deadline:  only after written confirmation and special fee.


In Taolu your Tai Chi experience will decide in which category you will perform. Athletes up to 17 years will start in a separate category.


Performance limit: minimum 2 minutes maximum 5 minutes - in each category you are allowed to decide, which part of the choreography you will perform, but you will have to show the style you are registered in.


For Tui Shou male and female athletes will start in separate classes. Weight classes in fixed step (Ding Bu). Body length classes in moving steps podest fight (Lai Tai). In order to be able to compete in Tui Shou you will need a health certificate which should be maximum 4 months old!


Each person is allowed for registration in maximum 5 categories each day.


Being first place in taolu and in tuishou will result in being Grand-Champion with a special price.


Only competitors registered until 15th August 2018 are permitted. Later registrations require a special confirmation. Please ask.



ONLINE REGISTRATION - Payment by Paypal or in Cash at competitions office


You help us using the online registration and using PayPal. But you can of course use as well the following way to register:



Registration via form

Registration below. If you need help, please use contact at the bottom of this page.


OR mail us at the bottom your adress, Taijiquan Experience and in which categories you want to start. If you intend to start in Push Hands, please advise your actual weight in kilogram.


Payments will be done at the competition.


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Rules Forms / Taolu
maximal 5 minutes time - for bare hand minimum 4 minutes
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 153.2 KB

Video tutorial forms / taolu:

Rules Pushhands / Tuishou
fixed, moving and podest fight
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 151.9 KB
Health certificate
for tui shou - not older than 4 month
Ärztliches Attest.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 29.0 KB

Video tutorial tuishou:

International help desk


"Hello, my name is Marie-Claire and I will be your guide at the Wu Wei Cup. If you have any questions, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will answer you.


During the competition you will find me at the head office and I will be happy to help you."

Contact us:

Bitte den Code eingeben:

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